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My Adoption story is a book about our journey to and through Adoption mainly from the man's perspective. “My Adoption Story is a very personal insight into Shegun and Seyi’s journey from the sadness of infertility to the joy of becoming parents through adoption and the completion of their family with the births of their two biological children” says David Holmes Chief Executive of BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering). Please check at the book at (

This is a story of a couple’s journey from childlessness to the joy of parenthood.

Spanning about fifteen years, the story covers their experience and the effect

of their African culture on their lives, how they adopted their son and then

had their biological children. It goes through heartbreak of infertility and the

medical journey they went through before they opted to go down the adoption

route. The account covers the couple’s struggle from the man’s perspective,

with pressures of time, life and world affairs.The author,Shegun Olusanya is a

technology consultant and is married to Seyi his wife of many years.

On the 9th March 2012, Shegun met the British Prime Minister David

Cameron to discuss what could be done to improve the adoption process.

Shegun is a member of the Croydon Adoption Panel. They assure the process

used to decide if prospective adoptees are approved for adoption. The panel

makes a recommendation to the decision maker who gives the final approval.

On the 17th of October 2012, Seyi and Shegun were shortlisted in the AdoptionChampion of the Year category of the 2012 National Adoption Week Awards.

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