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My Adoption story reviews
My Adoption story reviews
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This page includes reviews made by readers of my book

The Power of Love

‘My Adoption story’ is the story of the transformative power of adoption. 

It recounts the true story of Shegun & Seyi Olusanya, a successful Nigerian couple living in the UK, who yearned for children, but for many years remained childless. Written partly as a journal of events, it provides an astonishingly honest account of the trials and tribulations the couple faced before one little boy – Joshua, transformed their lives.

The book provides a ‘warts and all’ description of the adoption process with the false starts, frustrations, and complications that are often involved. We experience the heartache of a loving couple, desperate for a child to share that love with. Finally we are given a vivid picture of the value of adoption and the way in which it enriches the lives of all those involved.

It is a must read for anyone considering adoption, but beyond this, it is a wakeup call to the Black community to consider the plight of Black and Mixed Heritage children who are over-represented in the care system. I was left feeling personally challenged and I suspect you will be too.

Ultimately this book is about the power of love, which transformed a seemingly hopeless situation into a triumphant one.

Having known this family for many years, I have long been in awe of their strength of character, rock solid faith, and indefatigable determination. I now find myself humbled by reading the inside story of their struggle and honoured to count them as my friends.

Jonathan Akwue

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